Net Metering 3.0 is Coming!

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Net metering (NEM) allows solar users to get credit from their utility for the extra energy they send back to the grid. The utility gives a credit to the solar user for that extra energy.

The amount of the credit depends on when a solar user got their system. Existing solar users are typically on either “NEM-1” or “NEM-2.”

Proposed NEM 3 Changes

1. Charge a monthly fee just to connect solar to PG&E

    • Residential $78
    • Commercial $3,400

2. Impose credit reductions for energy you contribute to the grid

    • Currently = Retail rate less $0.03
    • Proposed = 50% of retail rate

NEM 3 Implications

  • All systems installed before 12/31/21 will be grandfathered into previous plan (NEM2) avoiding the fees and credit reductions
  • Modifying a system after 12/31/21 will automatically force you into NEM3
  • Batteries installed with solar before 12/31/21 will drive best economics

The CPUC is currently developing NEM-3 and expects to issue a decision in November 2021.

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