Net Metering 3.0 is Coming!

Act now to get grandfathered into net metering benefits before they are gone.

Keep Your Lights On, Fridge Cold and Your Family Connected

Net metering (NEM) allows solar users to get credit from their utility for the extra energy they send back to the grid. The utility gives a credit to the solar user for that extra energy.

The amount of the credit depends on when a solar user got their system. Existing solar users are typically on either “NEM-1” or “NEM-2.”

According to PG&E NEM 3 will add fixed fees and reduce solar benefits by 50%.

The CPUC is currently developing NEM-3 and expects to issue a decision in November 2021.

The California Public Utilities Commission has already decided that customers who install solar under NEM-1 or NEM-2 will not be subject to the changes in NEM-3 for the first 20 years of system operation. To qualify for NEM-2, solar installation companies must submit an initial interconnection application on your behalf before the November 2021 decision. Given lead times from contract to installation we recommend you act quickly.

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