Are Your PG&E Bills Going Up?

PG&E bills are going through the roof

Everyone has seen their PG&E bills go up this year. But did you know that PG&E plans to raise rates 26% in 2023, and another 36% by 2026? For perspective, that’s on top of the 28% increase over the last two years. The press doesn’t cover it, but you can read about their plans on the CPUC’s website.

PG&E Bills Going Up

There are only two things you can do to cope with these increasing costs:

    1. Cut way back on your energy usage, or
    2. or get solar for your home or business

But surprise! PG&E is closing off the solar option in April because that’s when net metering ends. PG&E has done a masterful job of monopolizing electricity sales and raising their rates to maximize their profits.

Contact your favorite solar installer

– hopefully Cinnamon Energy Systems – so you can get your net metering application in by the end of March.

Stop worrying about your PG&E bills going up –Forever!

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