Worried About the Next Blackout?

Protect Your Home with a Solar Battery Storage System

solar battery storage

Take energy independence to a whole new level with a solar battery storage system from LG. Not only will you slash your electric bill, you will have power during power outages to keep your lights on, fridge cold, and family connected. Protect your home and family and stop worrying about the reliability of PG&E.

Be Prepared

Wildfires, excessive winds, and rolling blackouts can unexpectedly cause a power outage and impact your family’s safety and security. Be prepared and power your home with an LG Battery Storage system.

Reduce Energy Costs

Typical homes have high energy demands in the mornings and evenings but solar generation is highest mid-day. With an LG battery you can store the free electricity your solar system produces duirng the daytime, then use it when you need it the most and when cost of PG&E electricity is the most expensive.

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