Cinnamon Energy Systems continues to provide essential backup power and solar services during the Covid-19 pandemic

Even as vaccination rates increase and individuals begin to return to work, we continue to take extra care to protect our customers, our employees and the general public.  

Homeowners are even more dependent on reliable electricity now that their refrigerators and freezer are stocked with extra food. And electric consumption has increased significantly with recent work, school and recreate from home activities. We continue to operate cautiously to minimize  the risk of COVID-19 — while at the same time providing reliable and inexpensive electricity to our customers.

In addition, to address these uncertain economic times we are now offering a battery and solar financing program for eligible homeowners. Feel free to reach out to our team for questions about our current services, equipment, installation schedule and financing.

Touchless Solar

Installing a solar and battery backup system with Cinnamon Energy Systems does not require any direct contact with our sales, engineering or installation crews. Although we do need to verify on-site measurements and equipment locations, the majority of the up-front work is done remotely. This “zero customer contact” process is done in a coordinated manner that does not require direct contact with you or members of your household. We manage everything for you, including the necessary permits, inspections and utility interconnection.

Solar System Repair

We are continuing to provide service for customers whose systems require service. Now more than ever we want to ensure that our customers, many of whom are forced to work from home and may lack childcare, have reliable electricity. Our Service appointments are using the same scheduling techniques to confirm customers are not at-risk before we schedule an appointment.

Our Commitment

During these difficult and uncertain times, we are reminded of how important it is to take the steps necessary to safeguard ourselves and our families. Installing solar and battery backup solutions provides more energy security and gives us peace of mind for the future. We look forward to guiding you through this process.

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Please refer to the California Solar and Storage Association’s direction on local,  state, and federal guidelines allowing continued work of the solar energy and energy storage industry under the essential services exemption.