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Quality Design. Attention to Detail. Professional Installation and Maintenance. Delivering the Perfect Solar Power and Battery Storage System for your Home and Business.


The experts at Cinnamon Energy Sytstems are trained to design and build the perfect solar and battery storage system for your home or business. Our exhaustive and ongoing technology and component evalution process ensures you will bet the best equipment to achieve your energy needs. We stand behind our products and services, ensuring our customer relationships are second to none. With a solar and battery storage system from Cinnamon Energy Sytems, you will achive the ideal system design,  quality products and powerful power generation and backup capabilities results.

Solar Heritage

Our roots date back to 2001 with the founding of Akeena Solar, a Silicon Valley company that grew to be the largest home solar installation company in the last decade with over 10,000 customers in California, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado and Hawaii.

Akeena partnered with the Westinghouse Electric Company to create Westinghouse Solar in 2010, and then merged with a global energy company in 2012.

Cinnamon Energy Systems was founded in 2012 to continue the vision at Akeena Solar: developing and installing home solar power systems optimized to produce the most electricity for the lowest price.

Quality, Experience & Service

Cinnamon Energy Systems is your local home and commercial solar and battery backup contractor.

Local building departments know us — we’ve been providing training to building inspectors in Silicon Valley since 2003.

Our friendly work crews are employees (not outside contractors) and strive for your 100% satisfaction.

We hold each and every one of our employees to the highest standards. Rest assured, when you purchase a system from Cinnamon Energy Systems, you will be satisfied. And if for any reason you’re not, let us know and we will do everything in our power to change it.

With over 10,000 happy customers, let us design and install a solar and battery storage solution for your home or business.

To learn more about what our customers say about Cinnamon Energy Systems, check out our 5 Star reviews on Yelp.

The Right Solution

Like many large purchases, there are a variety of choices available in the market and a “one size fits all” strategy and manufacturer definitely does not fit everyone’s energy, budget and aesthetic needs.

We take your objectives, current and future needs, and budget into consideration to custom-build a solution that is right for you.

You can start with a modest solar power system today  and add battery storage over time, or build out your dream solar and battery storage system all at once. We will help you get there.

Learn more about selecting the right system for your home.

Quality Products

We constantly evaluate and test every solar and battery backup  component we install to ensure that only the best products delivering quality and lasting performance are installed at your home or business.

Before you buy solar and energy storage for your home or business in Silicon Valley, talk to Cinnamon Energy Systems.


Barry Cinnamon

Barry Cinnamon



Barry is a long-time advocate of solar power and is a widely recognized solar power expert.

Barry started his career in solar energy in the late 1970’s at MIT researching new flat plate and concentrating collector designs. .

His pioneering work on reducing costs of rooftop solar power systems led to over 30 issued and applied for patents, including a number of products that transformed the solar industry, including Andalay, the first solar panel with integrated racking, grounding and wiring, and Instant Connect, the first fully “plug and play” AC solar panel.

On any given day Barry will either be on a roof working with his installation crews, doing R&D on new solar products in the lab, or working on improving national residential solar policies like net metering and better homeowner financing programs.

Christy Nguyen Cinnamon

Christy Nguyen Cinnamon

Managing Director


Christy serves as Managing Director of Cinnamon Energy Systems, focusing on the financial and Customer Operations aspects of the firm.

Previously Christy held various accounting positions in the Bay area, most recently as Senior Accountant for a San Francisco based private equity firm.

Christy holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting from San Francisco State University.

Scott Oswald

Scott Oswald

Director, Residential Sales


Scott manages Residential Sales for Cinnamon Energy Systems and has been advising customers in California on rooftop solar since 2012.

His familiarity with solar modules, racking, inverters and wiring — along with the most cost effective sales and installation techniques — has helped him guide hundreds of homeowners to select the perfect solutions for their energy needs.

Previously, Scott worked in the Semiconductor industry for a capital equipment supplier, and served in the Army as a member of an elite team of highly trained service members with both mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills. Scott graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Scott Dubois

Scott Dubois

Director, Commercial Sales


Scott started his career defining himself by working long hours running campaigns to protect our wildlands. His campaigns saw victories for the Artic Wildlife Refuge, banning bottom trawlers off the
West Coast and passing the “Million Solar Roofs” bill in 2004.
Scott’s passion for humanity and wilderness brought him to work for PBS, Save-the-Children, Sierra-Club and the California Public Interest Research (PIRG).
After a decade in the non-profit world Scott got into solar working for a company voted by Inc. as the 17th fastest growing private U.S. company and within the first year Scott  was named West Coast Sales Person of the Year.
Scott has extensive knowledge in the residential solar market selling over 1MW of solar installations and later transitioned to the Commercial sector selling and developing systems ranging from 30kW to 5MW.
John Bellas

John Bellas

Residential Solar Design Consultant


John serves as a Residential Design Consultant for Cinnamon Energy Systems and has been advising customers in California on rooftop solar since 2016.

John’s education in electrical engineering and his knowledge of solar technology has helped him advise hundreds of Cinnamon Energy Systems customers to select the perfect solution for their energy needs.
Before joining the Cinnamon Energy Systems team John developed software applications for some of the “early titans” of the Internet industry, and later transitioned into wholesale lending where he provided  services to bankers and brokers.
John graduated from University of California at  Davis with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Marc Chandeck

Marc Chandeck

Residential Solar Design Consultant


Marc serves as a Residential Design Consultant for Cinnamon Energy Systems and has been consulting homeowners on rooftop solar since the beginning of 2018.

After a short and successful career working in medical sales, Marc moved across the country from Florida, with whatever he could fit in his bag, to work in the solar industry. He knew that renewable energy was the future and wanted to cement himself in the biggest market for solar, Silicon Valley.  Fueled by a passion to service others, he successfully climbed the ranks in his first company, at one point leading a team of 5 consultants. Looking to expand on his success, Marc joined Cinnamon Energy in the summer of 2019.”

When he’s not in the field, Marc can be found hiking the best trails in the area. His passion for the outdoors and a desire to preserve our natural resources, are just a few of the reasons he works tirelessly to help homeowners transition to clean, renewable power. Marc holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Hospitality Business Management from Florida State University.

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