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We specialize in custom design, financing, and solar installations for commercial properties, leased or owned. We work directly with building owners, lessors, property management firms and energy consultants to design a solar power solution that will deliver the optimal financial outcome for your objectives.

Slash peak utility company demand charges and get guaranteed savings with a Commercial Energy Storage System from Cinnamon Energy Systems so you can invest in your business rather than your utility company.

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MB - Los Gatos, CA

Very professional from start to finish.  Barry, the owner, took the time to meet us and came our the site to personally inspect it on several occasions. I love the fact that this a personable local company vs an impersonal nationwide chain. Pricing was also fair and actually cheaper than some of the bigger solar places we compared. Highly recommended.

Hugh J - Sunnyvale, CA

Approximately 8 years ago I purchased a home solar system from Barry Cinnamon. This review is long over due: The system did everything Barry told us it would do, and, we have recently fully recouped the full cost of the system itself through reduced energy bills. Better yet, after 8 years we have yet to have any need for service.
Trust is a big component of any transaction. Mr. Cinnamon has earned our trust. If you are in the market for a solar energy system I recommend you meet with someone with Cinnamon and allow them to design your system.

DC- San Jose, CA

A wonderful solar experience… Cinnamon Energy Systems, of Campbell/Los Gatos, is the best! Cinnamon is one of the best contractors I have ever worked with, in any trade. I have been thinking about installing solar for some time and now glad I did. On a scale of one-to-ten (ten- the highest), I would rate Cinnamon an ELEVEN. Lots of positives:

  • They were easy to reach via email or phone
  • They were prompt
  • They worked efficiently
  • They are very careful with protecting my home, built in 1929, during the process
  • They were meticulous and worked with me
  • They took care of the City Building Permit Process
  • Most importantly, they produce a spectacular productI am very pleased with the quality of the work of all the trades involved. The best part was I did not have to stay home when they worked. I met them in the morning and went off to work. What a nice, hard-working crew from beginning to end.

Hans S - Saratoga, CA

Last night we had our first incident where we really appreciated having a solar power system with battery back up.

After midnight last night a car lost control on the road in front of our house and plowed  into a  power pole knocking out the power in the area.

Our battery back up went into action and we didn’t loose a minute of electricity.

The transfer from PG&E to our battery powered solar system was seamless.

The battery only discharged about 25% during the night and in the morning started charging again and was up at 100% before 10 o’clock.

Great job Cinnamon Energy Systems.

Barbara J - Cupertino, CA

Just like other reviewers, we had done lots of homework before deciding on a Solar Contractor. Cinnamon became the obvious choice for a number of reasons. They were flexible with regard to panel choice.  They shared our high regard for the use of micro-inverters.  Barry Cinnamon’s unparalleled knowledge of solar systems and the industry created a solar system that is both the best, and the best price per watt out of all our proposals.

It gets better.  Because of the size of this company,  everyone we came in contact with were knowledgeable professionals. No high pressure salespeople, slick brochures or ‘freebie’ tote bags.  Just straight forward honest facts by dedicated people interested in helping you get the best solar system for your money.  This includes (in our case) avoiding an expensive and unnecessary electric panel upgrade. By the way, don’t believe the big outfits that offer a ‘free’ panel upgrade. Look at the bottom line.  It’s not free. And for us it wasn’t needed, despite what the ‘big guys’ told us.

Google Barry Cinnamon and you will learn that he is a highly regarded expert within the solar industry.  Cinnamon doesn’t advertise, it’s all word of mouth.  So call them to make an appointment, then make your own decision.

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