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10 solar, storage and energy predictions for 2024

January 2, 2024

Solar Power World – Solar veteran Barry Cinnamon shares with Solar Power World his take on the industry. 

Commentary: Don’t let utilities hijack your EV battery


November 7, 2023

Solar Power World – Why V2H, not V2G, is the best way to use your EV battery.

While you were focused on elections, California proposed making it harder to add more solar power

November 13, 2022

San Francisco Chronicle – OpEd written by

How This Roofing Company is Taking on Tesla Solar Roof

January 3, 2022

CNBC – GAF Energy is taking on Tesla with the release of its new solar shingles. While the concept of solar shingles that blend in seamlessly with a regular roof has been around for decades, higher costs and lower efficiency and reliability as compared with traditional solar panels.

10 Solar and Storage Trends for 2021

January 30, 2021


California solar veteran Barry Cinnamon is looking forward to more solar and storage — and less COVID-19 — in 2021.

10 Rooftop Solar and Storage Predictions for the Next Decade

January 3, 2020

GreenTechMedia – California solar veteran Barry Cinnamon lays out his predictions for home solar and batteries in 2020 — and the decade ahead.

Installing Residential Solar and Storage in Silicon Valley

December 27, 2019

PV Magazine checked in with Barry Cinnamon, a Silicon Valley solar installer with a 20-year track record, and let him pontificate on solar and storage. (Cinnamon is also a storied solar entrepreneur, podcaster and annoyingly competent writer.)

10 Predictions for Rooftop Solar and Storage in 2019

January 3, 2019

Greentech Media – Solar veteran Barry Cinnamon lays out his predictions for 2019—but cautions that it’s unwise to be complacent about a rosy solar future.

10 Predictions for Rooftop Solar and Storage in 2018

December 27, 2017

Greentech Media -It’s getting harder to separate solar from storage. Barry Cinnamon shares his predictions on the future of these technologies.

More Solar Panels and Battery Storage at Homes Could Prevent Power Failures/

Jul 27, 2017

San Jose Mercury News -At 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon in June, I experienced the second power outage at my Silicon Valley home this year. Then, last weekend a transformer explosion…

Product Review: StorEdge Solar and Energy Storage System

August 31, 2017

Greentech Media -Barry Cinnamon and his team document real-world experience with behind-the-meter storage systems. In this edition: SolarEdge’s StorEdge system.

What If SolarCity Can’t Measure Up To Elon Musk’s Dreams?

June 23, 2016

EE News – As Elon Musk prepares to try and beam SolarCity into the Tesla mothership, he may want to lean back in his captain’s chair for a moment and think about what happened to Barry Cinnamon.

Old Power Gear Is Slowing Use of Clean Energy and Electric Cars

October 28, 2021

New York Times

Some people and businesses seeking to use solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles find they can’t because utility equipment needs an upgrade.

The Future of the Solar-Plus-Storage industry Will Look Like the Air Conditioning Business

December 31, 2019

PV Magazine – The solar industry will evolve from component brands to system brands and service, according to Barry Cinnamon in this industry perspective.

Solar Power Required for All New California Homes Starting Jan 2020

December 15, 2019

San Jose Mercury News – California already generates more electricity from solar power than any other state. But now a dramatic expansion is about to begin as new building codes take effect Jan. 1 requiring all newly constructed homes statewide to be powered by the sun.

Why Solar is Seeing a Boost During California’s Wildfires

November 7, 2019

San Diego Union Tribune -Widespread power shutoffs across the Golden State during peak wildfire season have spurred demand for what’s called “solar-plus-storage” as a way for customers to keep their lights on.

Can the Storage Industry Avoid the Same Mistakes as the Solar Industry?

April 3, 2018

Greentech Media -From bad products to poor planning, solar companies have a lot to teach battery companies.

Product Review: Enphase Battery Storage System

June 14, 2017

Greentech Media -Barry Cinnamon and his team document real-world experience with behind-the-meter storage systems. In this edition: Enphase.

Here’s What It Would Take for Solar Installers to Adapt to a World Without the ITC

November 17, 2015

Greentech Media -Section 25 of the federal residential Investment Tax Credit drops to zero…

PG&E electricity and gas bills are slated to jump 9% in early 2022

December 31, 2021

Average PG&E monthly bills are due to top $220. The estimates of the changes in average electric and gas rates are part of the “annual true-up,” the formal name of a PG&E filing with the PUC.

A Home Solar Veteran Talks Batteries, Smart Home, Tesla Roof and More

February 17, 2020

GreenTechMedia On this week’s Interchange: We sit down with solar veteran Barry Cinnamon.

Why Nearly Every House in California Will Eventually Have Solar Power

January 31, 2020

San Jose Mercury News – Solar expert Barry Cinnamon of San Jose says in an era of climate change, wildfires, and falling prices, the trend is clear.

Transitioning Silicon Valley Residential PV to Solar-Plus-Storage: Optimizers or Microinverters?

December 29, 2019

PV Magazine – Barry Cinnamon, a Silicon Valley solar installer, details the transition to energy storage, profiles early solar adopters and notes the challenges of getting to 200-amp residential service.

The Myth of Whole Home Battery Backup

December 2, 2019

Greentech Media – Will batteries keep your AC cranking and electric vehicle charged up during an extended blackout? Probably not.

Product Review: JLM Energy’s MicroStorage Unit for Home Solar-Battery Price Arbitrage

July 3, 2018

Greentech Media -Barry Cinnamon and his team document real-world experience with behind-the-meter storage systems. In this edition: JLM Energy’s Phazr MicroStorage device.

Is Tesla’s Popularity Stretching the Company’s Battery Supplies Too Far?

October 3, 2017

Greentech Media -High-profile battery deployments have made Tesla famous. But they’re also affecting the company’s supply chain.

Running the Numbers for Tesla’s Solar Roof: How Much Will It Cost You?


Greentech Media -Barry Cinnamon digs into the economics of Tesla’s newest tech. And despite the lack of information, he’s pretty optimistic about the prospects for the solar roof.

2022 Solar and Battery Industry Predictions

January 24, 2022

SolarPowerWorld – Solar veteran Barry Cinnamon shares with SPW his take on the industry.