Guaranteed Inventory

Don’t lose sleep wondering if the company you selected to install your solar and battery storage system has the inventory to complete your job.

If you are thinking of installing a solar and battery storage system, be advised that battery and solar panel inventory shortages could delay your job. Make sure you choose an installer that has guaranteed inventory and can get your job done without delays.

We have top tier solar panels, Tesla Powerwall 3, and Franklin Batteries in stock.

Guaranteed Inventory

With a quality backup power and solar system from Cinnamon Energy, you will:


  • Sleep at night knowing that your solar and battery storage system will not be delayed waiting for batteries and solar panels to become available.
  • Have power for your home and family during the next blackout and PG&E power shutoff.
  • Lock in low electric rates.
  • Be able to run your AC and appliances guilt free.

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