PG&E Raised Electric Rates Again!

As you probably know, PG&E rates are going through the roof again. And it’s getting worse.

In 2024, monthly electricity bills for PG&E electricity customers are expected to be 28.4% higher than the monthly electricity bill in January 2023.

These 2024 increases are in addition to the 28% increases that PG&E imposed over the past 2 years.

You can read about their increases in this article from the Bay Area News Group.

UPDATE: Recent news indicates another increase on top of the 28.4% increase  is scheduled for March 2024.

PG&E Annual Home Electricity Costs

PG&E Raised Electric Rates Again

There are only two things you can do to cope with these increasing costs:

1. Cut way back on your energy usage, or

2. Or get solar and battery storage for your home or business.

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PG&E Raised Electric Rates Again

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