PG&E Raised Electric Rates Again!

As you probably know, PG&E rates are going through the roof. And it’s getting worse.

PG&E raised electric rates by 28% over the past 2 years and PG&E plans to raise rates again by 26% in 2023, and another 36% by 2026. The press doesn’t cover it, but you can read about their plans on the CPUC’s website.

PG&E Raised Electric Rates Again

There are only two things you can do to cope with these increasing costs:

1. Cut way back on your energy usage, or

2. Or get solar for your home or business.

But surprise! PG&E is closing off the solar option in April because that’s when net metering ends. PG&E has done a masterful job of monopolizing electricity sales and raising their rates to maximize their profits, but if you act before March 15, 2023 you can get grandfathered into the existing incentives before they expire.

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PG&E Raised Electric Rates Again

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