The Power of Choice

Selecting a Solar Power System that’s Right for You

Like many large purchases, there are a variety of choices available in the market.

A one size fits all strategy and manufacturer definitely does not fit everyone’s energy, budget and aesthetic needs — and this challenge especially applies to selecting a solar power system because there are so many solar panels, inverters and mounting systems available, and it is important that system technology integrate with commercially available battery backup storage solutions so you are free to add storage now or at some point in the future.

Since 2001 we have been evaluating and installing solar and battery storage  equipment, and have put together a battery storage enabled solution offering that allows you to select a system based on your available roof space and preferences over budget and brand.

Beauty, Performance and Value Combined

If aesthetics and great value are important to you, we recommend going with our Built-in-Racking solution that is low profile, all black, and integrates into the roof. This offering looks great and is battery backup ready.

The solar panels are manufactured by Boviet, a Tier 1 panel manufacturer and carry a 25 year power output warranty, including third party insurance from PowerGuard so you are always protected for reliability and performance of these panels. The inverter carries a 10 year warranty (extendable to 25 years) and the optimizers carry a 25 year warranty.

Boviet was rated a 2019 Top Performer in the 2019 PV Module
Reliability Scorecard tests performed by PV Evolution Labs, the leading reliability and performance testing lab for downstream solar project developers, financiers, and asset owners and operators around the world.

Brand Named Efficiency

While all solar panels from any of the Tier 1 manufacturers are good, the only difference is efficiency and price –with high efficiency panels priced at a higher cost per watt.

If you have limited roof space and need to maximize output, or purchasing a brand name is important, you may want to consider a high efficiency solar panel from LG.

LG is a global household brand and carries a 25 year power output warranty, The inverter carries a 10 year warranty (extendable to 25 years) and the optimizers carry a 25 year warranty. This system is also battery backup ready.

Selecting a Solar Power System

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