Solar and battery backup systems are the ideal antidote to the triple threat of high evening electric rates (over $0.50/kwh), frequent power failures (some of which are deliberate shut-offs), and our increasing dependence on electricity for the necessities of life (food, phones and fun).

Several established companies — including Tesla, LG-Chem, SolarEdge and Enphase — have developed excellent solar and storage systems for homeowners. These systems are great, but they must be designed properly so that they meet both the power (watts) and energy (kwh) needs of a home during an extended blackout.

Please listen to this week’s Energy Show as we talk about the evolution of battery storage technology, how solar and batteries work together, the technical limitations of storage systems, and the critical software and hardware components that factor into design considerations for battery backup systems that will reliably keep your lights on and your fridge cold.