Net Metering 2 Ends April 14th, 2023

resulting in significantly reduced solar savings.

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But You Need to Act Before March 15, 2023

PG&E may delay application processing due to unprecedented high volume

Net Metering 3 Summary

This change means that electricity export rates (the power you don’t use and send to the utility) will be drastically reduced from a current average of $0.30/kWh under NEM 2, to $0.02/kWh under the new NEM 3 net billing rates.

The good news is that if you act quickly to file your PG&E interconnection before April 14th 2023, you will be grandfathered into Net Metering 2 but you need to act before March 15 to avoid likely backlog PG&E is experiencing with interconnection applications. 

Net Metering 3 Call to Action

Don’t Wait – Install Solar and Battery Storage Now!

In order to meet the Net Metering 2 April 14th 2023 deadline PG&E needs the following three documents filled out completely and accurately:

    1. Signed solar installation contract and disclosure forms
    2. Solar system design details
    3. Completed interconnection agreement

Solar and Storage contractors will be extremely busy as homes and businesses rush to beat the April 14th deadline. Don’t delay. Get started today.

Net Metering 2 Ends

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