Over the years I’ve heard thousands of stories about people, companies and products in the solar industry. Fascinating to a solar geek like me, but too much in the weeds for most homeowners.

As the solar and storage industry goes mainstream, we need to communicate to customers in a more mainstream way. Hence the need for storytelling — especially stories that have relevance to people’s daily lives. Sorry, I can’t do it…my stories are just too geeky and boring.

Tor Valenza, AKA “Solar Fred,” has just what we need. Tor is a longtime solar expert and marketing guru — who also has a background in television screenwriting. His first season of “Probably True Solar Stories” provides a fictional look at how solar energy is increasingly becoming part of American pop culture, careers, politics, family life, and urban legends.

The “Probably True” characterization gives Tor the opportunity to tell stories about solar’s heroes, villains, and urban legends in real-life and fantastical genres. The first season has solar superheroes, solar sci-fi, solar crime stories, a solar ghost story, a solar Winnie-the-Pooh story, and of course, real-life solar homeowner stories. Most importantly, Tor’s “Probably True Solar Stories” are fun to listen to — even for people who are not solar geeks. I look forward to each of his episodes, which cleverly embed solar industry technology and knowledge in an easy listening format.

Please tune into this weeks Energy Show for Tor’s take on the latest solar industry trends, customer concerns, and his new venture back into the entertainment business with a solar twist.