Cellular Communication Upgrades on SolarEdge Inverters

The Issue

SolarEdge has communicated that the cellular services they are using for communications to their inverters will be suddenly discontinued unilaterally by the carriers. As we understand the situation, all of Sprint’s and T-Mobile older cellular CDMA, GSM, LTE and UMTS networks will be retired in the April to July timeframe. This infrastructure retirement will disable all cellular cards using these networks (including those from other inverter manufacturers). Once this connectivity is disabled you will no longer be able to monitor your system and we will not be able to provide any support.

Recommended Solution

To avoid future interruptions from cellular services, we recommend you hard wire directly to your home’s network.

If you choose to hardwire your system,  Cinnamon Energy System staff will connect an outdoor-rated CAT6 cable to a new TP/Link wifi extender that we will install inside your home. We will configure this extender to work with your existing network and to work properly with your existing SolarEdge equipment. We will continue to provide warranty service for your system as long as your home’s wifi and extender are operable. If for any reason your wifi network equipment or TP/Link needs to be replaced or upgraded, the hardwire ethernet connection will still be functional.

Pricing for this upgrade by Cinnamon Energy Systems is $600, including the TP/Link, ethernet wiring from your inverter to the indoor TP/Link, and reconfiguration. Up to 25’ of cabling will be run along exposed interior and exterior surfaces (not within walls, attics or crawl spaces). While we are onsite we will also make sure your inverter and associated equipment are free of dust and debris.

Registration: Hard-Wiring To Your Home’s Network

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