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Cinnamon Energy Systems specializes in custom design, financing, and solar installations for commercial properties, leased or owned. We work directly with building owners, lessors, property management firms and energy consultants to design a solar power solution that will deliver the optimal financial outcome for your objectives. 

Commercial Solar Installation

Technology has changed the way we use electricity.  Our power is still provided by monopoly utilities that are in the business of selling you electricity on a take it or blackout basis. But technology has also made it possible for your business to generate and store electricity. Moreover, you will have control over your power bill while at the same time keep your company running during temporary and extended blackouts. If you lease or own a commercial building in Silicon Valley you will be surprised at the cost effectiveness of commercial solar. Paybacks are in the 3-6 year range, and with PACE financing (Property Assessed Clean Energy) you can significantly reduce your operating costs without affecting your credit rating, debt/equity ratio or bank covenants.

The Process is Simple

Whether you install a small commercial solar system to cover common area charges, or a larger system to offset most of your energy charges, the process is simple. Cinnamon Energy Systems will design a rooftop commercial solar system based on your available roof space, develop an easy to understand proposal with financial details for your accountant, provide financing assistance (cash, PACE, solar bank loan or lease), generate engineering plans and pull a building permit, install the system, interconnect with PG&E, and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services.

Commercial Solar Economics Have Changed

If you’ve looked into rooftop solar for your commercial building in the past, the economics have improved for three important reasons:

1. Electricity rates continue to rise

PG&E rates have continued to rise, and now all small commercial customers must pay Time of Use rates. You are now billed at higher rates during weekday afternoons. Depending on your usage profile, a rooftop solar array can almost completely eliminate these peak charges. The chart below shows how a 200 panel system can cut your bill by over 80%.


  commercial solar

2. Solar equipment and installation costs have declined

And, although there are no longer any state or utility rebates, the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit is still in place until the end of 2019. That 30% tax credit, coupled with Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery (MACRs), can reduce your first year costs by 40% or more.


Commercial Solar System Cost Overview

3. Solar can be financed through a variety of mechanisms

There are many financing options available for solar, many of which are flexible and can be matched to the building owner’s specific situation.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – With a PPA, the solar financier raises the necessary Tax Equity and other capital, works with Cinnamon Energy Systems to develop and maintains the project. The financier charges a pre-set fee per unit of energy ($/kWh) to provide a level cost of energy.
  • Operating Lease – An Operating Lease structures allow for quick ownership of the solar asset and can provide the Tax Equity necessary to monetize the tax benefits.
  • Cash or Self-finance – Companies that have available cash or access, tax appetite, and the right economic drivers will benefit from a cash purchase.
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) – PACE financing is tied to the property, not the end-user or property owner. Therefore, it’s not reliant on the owner’s creditworthiness.With a PACE loan, the cost of the commercial solar system is repaid over time out of the semi-annual property taxes paid for your building. As shown in the graph below, cash flows are immediately positive — and much more favorable than conventional solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) financing.


commercial solar


Commercial Energy Storage

Cinnamon Energy Systems designs and installs Commercial Energy Storage Systems that when combined with solar, helps commercial customers reduce peak demand and energy charges and provide backup power in the event of a power outage. For more on Commercial Energy Storage Systems for your commercial property, visit our Commercial Energy Storage Solutions page.

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